Flooring Radiant Panel Test Apparatus, En ISO 9239-1, ASTM E648 FTech-ISO9239-1
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ISO 9239-1: Flooring fire reaction test - Part 1: Combustion performance of flooring materials tested by radiant heat
ASTM E 648: Critical Radiant Flux of Floor standard test - covering system uses radiant heat energy
ASTM E 970: Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source, test insulation floorinsulation insulation standard test for Critical  Radiant Flux
using a radiant heat energy.
NFPA 253: Standard Test Method for using radiant heat energy, test plates overlay system Critical Radiant Flux
Main Features:
1, All structural components are made of stainless steel, nice appearance, corrosion resistance;
2, The radiation source is a porous ceramic heat radiating plate 300mmX450mm, tilted 30 °;
3, Imported calorimeter from US Medtherm company, range 50KW /m;
4, Igniters diameter of 0.7mm from the bottom of the center line of each 60-degree position according tostandardrequest.
5, The standard plate is made of thick 20 ± 1mm, density 850 ± 100kg / m³ without coating made of calcium silicate board; size 1050X250mm
6, Small stainless steel auxiliary ignition burner ignited sample.
7, Imported flow control meter from Japan, precise control of the flow of propane
8, Equipped with air blower providing air, mixed gas through the venturi mixing test gas,
9, The specimen holder is made of stainless steel and an overall dimension of 1140mm x 320 mm.
Optical system
1, The optical system comprising a light source color temperature is 2900 ± 100 K incandescent,lightreceiving silicon photodiode with an optical path test shutter, 0% and 100%, to facilitate the use of calibration;
2, Imported light battery module measuring light attenuation. The system automatically calculates and generates a light transmittance curve translucent; printable Scribble

3, One button automatic and five level calibration system by computer.

Thermal radiation system:
1, Heat radiation pyrometer accuracy of ± 0.5 ºC, away from the radiation board about 1.4m;
2, Radiation pyrometer sensitivity constant in the wavelength range 1um ~ 9um;
3, High-performance K-type thermocouples diameter 1mm, having insulation and ungrounded hot junction; in the lower box roof 25mm, the inner wall of the rear housing flue 100mm;
4, Radiation pyrometer to detect a diameter in the range of 250mm, blackbody radiation temperature within a temperature range of 480 ºC ~ 1200 ºC ;
5, USA imported heat flux sensors with NIST traceable calibrator with a minimum resolution of 0.01 mV.
Control System:
1, Window + Labview system to realize automatic testsysterm
2, Equipped with audible alarm and alarm display functions accidents.
3, The control box USB / RS232 serial port, externaldesktop / notebookcomputer operation control, free to print the test report.
4, Automatic calibration system.
Pover:AC220V±10%, 50Hz;5KW;
Size:Test stand(Length1.4× width1.0× High2.2)m;
Control box: 600(W)×750(D)×1600(H)mm
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