Fire Resistance Valve, Hose & Pipe Test Machine, ISO 10497 FTech-ISO19922
  • Product Introduction

This machine complies with the following standards:
• Valve Fire Test (ISO 10497)
• Fire Test hoses (ISO 19921 & 19922)
• Plastic Pipe Fire Test (FTP II Res A 753)
In the case of internal pressure, valves using a burner simulation of fire, for marine and similar joints of pipe and fire resistance test under load conditions. Several nominal diameter hose arrangement and plastic containers of this device can measure each test, The device can measure the performance of each test watertight.

• ISO 19921 & 19922 fire resistance test standard metal piping components with elastomeric sealing• ISO 10497 testing process after the end of the test pressure valve performance testing standards and requirements and standards• IMO FTP Code II Res A 753 is suitable for testing of plastic pipe standard ships• JB/T 6899-1993Main Features:
• Combustion chamber Dimensions: 2,500 (W) × 1,500 (D) × 3,000 (H) mm; Stainless steel is used for chamber wall
• Internal tooling are all made of stainless steel;
• Burner cross-sectional area at least: 80mm × 350mm, a total of six units. The burner units could be adjustable according to the sample.
• Exhaust pipe size Ø400 x 1,000 (L) mm
• Temperature measuring range: 0 ~ 120 ºC ± 2 ºC
• Working pressure: 0.01 ~ 1MPa, the maximum test pressure 1.0MPa
• DPT can accurately test the hose pressure, test accuracy: ± 0.01 MPa
• Timing: 0 ~ 9999 ± 0.1 S
• The pump power: 1.5KW, can provide up to 10kgf / cm2 of water pressure
• Heating power: 15KW
• Flame temperature range: 800 ºC ± 50 ºC
• Use laboratory Labview system to design a simple graphical interface (GUI) and easy operating environment
• Through automated real-time recording and saving control logic test data to facilitate comparison test repeatability
• Provide data analysis and test report formats to meet customer requirements
•Testchamber is stainless steel, heatandcorrosion
• Burner position can be moved to meet different types of hose fittings and valves test
• MFC can automatically control the gas and air flow test range: 0-100L / min
•Electronicflow meter can test hoses and valves
Model FTech-ISO19922
Size 2,500(W)×1,500(D)×3,000(H)mm
Power supply AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 15A
Weight 1,500kg
Instructions Available
Exhaust Minimum 15m2/min
Other requirements Compressed air, computers, propane gas

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