Spread of Flame Test Apparatus,ISO 5658-2 FTech-ISO5658-2
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This machine is designed according to ISO5658-2 standard D andproduction,while meeting the IMO FTP Code Resolution A. 653 (16) and ASTM E 1317 requirements. Lateral flame propagation properties for the determination of building products, flame propagationperformance / flamespread rate of speed can evaluate the fire retardant properties of the material.
The device via a gas radiant plate to heat samples and with heat flow meter to calibration; Test samples were placed in a vertical position, near the radiation plate, exposed in a clear area calibrated radiation flux. Close to the pilot flame test sample, but not in contact with the test sample, the sample was heated end ignited gas on the surface of the evaporator.
After ignition, recording the development of the flame front, and record the flame front in a horizontal direction to reach the surface of the sample,combustiondistance of each calibration elapsed time. Further testing materials include light heat, sustained combustion heat, critical flow, the average sustained burn calories, the total heat release and other relevant parameters.

• ISO 5658-2: reaction to fire test - Flame spread Part 2: Vertical distribution of building products side flame spread level.
• IMO FTP Code Resolution A. 653 (16): bulkhead, ceilinganddeck material flammability test procedures Advice
• ASTM E 1317: Marine Surface Finishes Standard Test Method for Flammability
ASTM E1321
Main Features
• The cabinet is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and beautiful and easy to clean; The main framehavetwo separate parts of the burner frame and the specimen support framework. Two parts connected by bolts, and screws can beflexiblemechanical adjustment.
• Ignition sources: radiation plate and the United States imports a propane torch. Precise control of the flame height
• Burner, (200 ± 10) mm long holes ceramic tube,
• Cylinder type pilot burner flame support IMO standard automatic impact test; Optional
• Double grid and an enlarged perspective mirror observe the flamespread ,it is user-friendly
• Radiation plate temperature controller: prevent flames turned the heat radiating plate rear side;
• Flow controller can easily test content of methane in the test gas flame heat
• Gas supply: with a valve, zero-pressure valve, tempering valves, solenoid valves and a mixer, the mixed air and fuel gas supplied to the radiation plate.
• Providing a porous alignment plate and heat flow meter fixed on a  sliding movement rail to detect heat flux if meet the standard requirements
• Equipped with an adjustable observation angle lens (750mm × 120mm), the test sample can rake through the glass mirror and observe the flame spread rate and by a foot switch,automaticrecord.
• Sample chimney equipped with compensating thermocouples.
• All radiant panel combustion control system safety explosion-proof, check valve, cut off the gas solenoid valve prevents the gas reflux
• The camera can observe a situation and save the test program (Optional)
• Measuring heat flow state within the range of the radiation plate for 50mm
• Data acquisition system can store the image length flame spread and combustion characteristics
• 19 "rack to measure the flame spread rate analysis, critical flow, heat release rate
• Radiation plate burner system is fully automated, with spark ignition and safetyprotectsystem;
•IMOprogram so that all calibration, test results print (IMO, ISO) easier (Optional)

Model FTech-ISO5658-2
Size 1,710(W)×1,100(D)×1,985(H)mm
Console Size 600(W)×750(D)×1,600(H)mm
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 30A
Weight 200kg
Operating Manual Supplied
Exhaust Minimum 30m2 / min
Other requirements Methane, PC, compressed gas, camcorders
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