Mouse Test Machine for Noxious Gas Analysis, DIN53436 FTech-DIN53436
  • Product Introduction
This device is designed accordance to DIN53436AND .it realized smoke of burning material continuous and stable production and gas extraction, flue gas quantitative description of smoke concentration and accurate calculation of the rate of smoke production, thus it could be used for different circumstances of different materials (including different rates and different concentrations ofsmoke smokeproduction) and animal exposure evaluation at different times.

Technical characteristics:
1, Temperature range: 300-1000 ºC, control accuracy is not greater than ± 1 ºC (duration greater than 2 min), the dynamic is not greater than ± 2.5 ºC.
2, Ring furnace heating system showing displaytime - temperaturecurve and the actual measured temperature control charts.
3, Temperature recorders and sheathed thermocouple
4, Furnace tube diameter: Ф47 + 1-1 mm,  length Ф100 + 10-5 mm
5, quartz tube
6, Furnace displacement system: motor drive, speed: 10 ± 0.1mm / min
7,Air flow: 0-20L / min adjustable
8, Material smoke production rate could be automatic conversion by system during testing.
9 The angular velocity chart could be display when the rotation chart squirrel cage
10, The ring furnace running time arbitrarily set
11, The smoke toxicity test device has a manual/automatic fast forward, and return function for ring furnace
12, Each room can be switched to exhaust smoke
13, Flue gas collection and rationing system realize quickly mix the gas
Control System:
1, Computer control system: test is more intelligent; curve computer data could be storage and print freely;
2, Temperature control thermocouple: 1mm K-type thermocouples
3, The annular heating furnace temperature calibration: time, temperature curve and the actual temperature;
4, The motor control system, automatic control furnace movement; movement speed is adjustable; andalsocanbe adjusted manually;
5, The system automatically calculates the concentration of smoke production, smoke production rate; squirrel cage speed real-time display;
6, Temperature range: 300-1000 ºC;
7, Power: 1.5KW; Heating power: 800-1000W.
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