Nes 713 Toxicity Test Apparatus TTech-NES713
  • Product Introduction
This machine is designed according to NES 713standard,and is used for the combustion characteristic of the material testing. Suitable for color tube method or portable flue gas analyzer to measure the material after burning smoke toxicity.
Model:FTech- NES713
Standard:• NES 713: through the material sample combustion test measuring the toxicity of combustion products index
Main features:
•Flamebox is made of stainless steel, the tank wall is fireproof polypropylene, seamless welding, interior space is 0.7m³.
• Cabinet door designed is easy to clean, transparent polycarbonate sheets.
• Use automatically spark ignition gas nozzle system, if the flame goes out, you can automatically re-ignition.
• Timer control, automatic ignition and ignition off automatically.
• Equipped with 15 sample positions that can be used for colorimetric reaction with gas pipes or othergas .
• Independent control box withmeter, timer, methane and air controllers.
• Powerful ventilation system under the system control automatically to exclude fumes generated during the test when the test is completed.
• Withfanthat can quicklymixedcombustion.
• Combustion testing process can progress through reinforced plastic observation window observation test combustion
• door lock device isfacilitatelyto open the box.
• Manual / automatic test mode, you can freely choose
• Automatic cycle mode, the gas generated by the combustion cycle apparatus under control timer control.
Model FTech-NES713
Size 1,185(W)×700(D)×2,100(H)mm
Power AC220V ,50/60Hz, 10A
Weight About 150kg
Instructions Available
Exhaust 50L/s
Other Requirements Compressed air, vacuum cleaners, methane, propane gas (optional)

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