Big Combustion Chamber, DIN 54837 FTech-DIN54837
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With the rapid development of  high-speed rail, rail rolling stock materials and components used in combustion performance testing requirements are more stringent; now for the rolling stock material combustion test the main reference German standard DIN54837;
DIN 5510-2 combustion characteristics and accompanying materials and building accessories phenomena - classification, requirements and test methods
DIN 54837: 2007 determining the combustion characteristics of the material by using a gas burner on the rail locomotives
DIN 50055: 1989 technical requirements of the optical path
•Steelessframe, beautiful appearance, rust and corrosion resistance. Internal electrostatic baked black paint.
• All internal tooling are stainless steel, equipped with two tempering glass window;
• The front face is double door structure with a sealed glass observation window for easy observation of test cases.
• Imported brands gauge and control valve; Working gas pressure 69 ~ 138 Kpa
• Equipped with 3 sets ofsampleholder. It is made of 304 stainless steel
• Bottom of the box is a square grid of stainless steel, natural ventilation can enter uniformly
• Witha wide mouth burnerswith burner slide rail
• With a scale; precision 1mm;
Smoke density system:
• Optical system fit to DIN 50055 standard,  incandescent lamp color temperature is 2900K
• Imported silicon photocell photoelectric sensors, linear measuring range 500 to 2500 cd / m2
• Temperature display the average temperature of the flue
• Timer, recording the ignition time, continued burning time
Control System:
• PLC +touch screencontrol system; the system automatically records and displays the burning time, test data is automatically saved;
• The system is equipped with a printer, free printing test report
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