Thermal Radiation Dripping Test Machine, NF P92-501 FTech-NFP92-501
  • Product Introduction
This machine can be used for more than 5mm thickness of rigid and elastic material performance evaluation, and it is developed according to flame test standard NF P92-501.  The tester to provide 30KW / m2 heat radiation, which may lead to volatile flammable gas sample and triggered the combustion of volatile gases, and at the same time to observe the state of the flame spread through the material and estimate combustion heat release data. Suitable for railway vehicle test radiation test methods of fire resistance material
Standard: NF P92-501
Main feature:
1, Stainless steel test cabinet, the inner wall is flame resistant material with transparent viewing window
2, Stainless steel tubular inlet device, equipped with filtration devices shield for indoor sources
3, 45° of the test stand, equipped with stainless steel foot instructions to calculate the distance of flame spread
4, Heat radiation device can provide 30KW / m2 heat flux
5, The power controller controlling the radiation output, adjustable heat radiation;
6, The heat radiating panel display device operating power value, eliminating frequent calibration procedure
7, The stainless steel burner can ignite the combustible gas automatically.
8, The imported needle valve can control the upper and lower burner flame height, with a flame height measuring
9, Lasting small flame device is beignatedbefore the test to convenient upper and lower ignition burners
10, One-quarter rotation stopper device to facilitate cutting the gas burner and ignite the flame
11, The top and the air inlet temperature thermocouple monitoring, real-time status display temperature difference value
12, The test software can automatically analysis index of flame and burning heat index
13, Test reports and data can be exported and printed, system has friendly user interface
14, The test data as follows: raw flame index:i-flame average height index: S- longest flame index: h-combustion heat index: C
Technical Parameters:
1. Width: 1900mm (74.8 inches)*Depth: 460mm (18.1 inches)* height: 2100mm (82.6 inches)
2. Shipping Weight: 208Kg (Host: 158Kg; Tables: 50Kg)
3. Radiators rated power: 500W
4. The power meter accuracy: 0.5
5. The gas regulator valve pressure range: <0.1MPa
6. Power: 220V, 50Hz, 550W
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