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  • A cone calorimeter is a modern device used to study the fire behavior of small samples of various materials in condensed phase. It is widely used in the field of Fire Safety Engineering.
    Release time:2020-04-11 views:39次
  • Following tests are carried out to verify if a cable is capable of maintaining circuit integrity under fire condition, fire with water, and fire with mechanical shocks. During the tests the cables are
    Release time:2020-04-03 views:47次
  • With 15 million capital increase, move into a new modern factory and start a new journey.
    Release time:2018-06-25 views:193次
  • We have helped a lot of customers in China,Australia,the USA,India,Singapore,Korea,Pakistan,Indonesia and many European countries with our high quality services and test equipments.
    Release time:2018-06-25 views:209次
  • We have 2 patent of invention along with 20 patent for utility models
    Release time:2018-06-25 views:188次
  • Awarded "TüV site certification supplier"
    Release time:2018-06-25 views:208次
  •  The invention patent of "remote control automatic fire extinguishing function, combustion test safety system" has entered the real trial stage.
    Release time:2018-06-25 views:215次
  • Awarded "Jiangsu science and technology minor enterprises"
    Release time:2018-06-25 views:201次
  • Awarded "private technology enterprises in Jiangsu"
    Release time:2018-06-25 views:192次
  • POOL BURNING is probably the simplest form of combustion applicable to a wide range of industrial fire protection concerns. Typically, this is conceived of as a fire in an open-topped, circular flamma
    Release time:2019-12-11 views:875次
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