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  • POOL BURNING is probably the simplest form of combustion applicable to a wide range of industrial fire protection concerns. Typically, this is conceived of as a fire in an open-topped, circular flamma
    Release time:2019-12-11 views:778次
  • ASTM E162 is one most widely used test standard to evaluate the propagation properties of material in USA. The heat resource use gas radiant panel heating and a gas burner ignited. This method is widely used in flame propagation properties of the test ma
    Release time:2019-11-06 views:852次
  • IntroductionThis machine is according to IEC60695-2-10: 2000"glowing filament test method"to design and produce. requirements applicable to electrical and electronic products, household appliances and
    Release time:2019-08-22 views:781次
  • Polymeric materials are a large and growing fraction of the fire load in homes, in commercial environments, and in transportation, and are inherently flammable. Organic polymers degrade to give volatile combustible materials when they are heated above cer
    Release time:2018-03-03 views:774次
  • Since the 1980s, innovative exterior wall systems have been developed to enhance building appearance and improve overall performance of a facade. In recent times, an increasing number of fast-moving fires involving cladding have occurred on high-rise buil
    Release time:2018-01-08 views:756次
  • Resistant in this context is defined as a material that is inherently resistant to catching fire (self-extinguishing) and does not melt or drip when exposed directly to extreme heat.Retardant is defin
    Release time:2017-11-01 views:730次
  • Examine six areas when deciding on the best insulation resistance tester for the application. Consider the equipment to be tested, test voltage requirements, the testing environment, other possible uses, the experience level of those using the tester, and
    Release time:2017-10-29 views:748次
  • With the Government of China’s proposed Energy Efficiency Regulations (GB40411-2007), the implementation of external insulation systems will be mandatory in China. The frequent external insulation system fires cause huge numbers of casualties and extensiv
    Release time:2017-10-15 views:761次
  • It has been a little over a year since the notable exterior wall fire at The Address Downtown Dubai hotel. This hotel is located in the area of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper, where thousands came to enjoy the 2016 New Year’s celebration
    Release time:2017-09-19 views:750次
  • This tester is used to test the acidity of the gas that released during combustion from cable or optical cable components material; The equipment is designed and produced on the basis IEC 60754.The cable material is processed by prius tube furnace, and t
    Release time:2017-07-10 views:849次
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