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  • With the Government of China’s proposed Energy Efficiency Regulations (GB40411-2007), the implementation of external insulation systems will be mandatory in China. The frequent external insulation system fires cause huge numbers of casualties and extensiv
    Release time:2017-10-15 views:1142次
  • It has been a little over a year since the notable exterior wall fire at The Address Downtown Dubai hotel. This hotel is located in the area of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper, where thousands came to enjoy the 2016 New Year’s celebration
    Release time:2017-09-19 views:1163次
  • This tester is used to test the acidity of the gas that released during combustion from cable or optical cable components material; The equipment is designed and produced on the basis IEC 60754.The cable material is processed by prius tube furnace, and t
    Release time:2017-07-10 views:1267次
  • BS476-3:2004 external fire exposure roof test BS476-4:1970 Non-combustibility test for materials BS476-5:1979 Method of test of ignitability BS476-6:1989 Method of test for propagation for materials BS476-7:1997 Surface spread of flame test for
    Release time:2017-06-01 views:13517次
  • Currently the natural materials become popular building material for houses, buildings and recreational property. The risk of fi res in residential timber construction or eco houses cannot be completely ruled out, therefore there is a need for proper an
    Release time:2016-11-13 views:1106次
  • Heat reaching the skin either by direct exposure or through one or more layers of clothing will, if sufficiently intense, cause temporary (first degree) or irreversible (second or third degree) burns, depending on the type of thermal hazard, rate of heat
    Release time:2016-11-01 views:465次
  • After rigorous assessment by BYD, Teth Tek became a supplier of BYD. BYD Company Limited, a leading high-tech multinational company founded in 1995 and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, now operates in the four core fields
    Release time:2015-09-19 views:478次
  • Haier Group is a global leading provider of better-life solutions, with its white goods business brand more famous than others for nine consecutive years( Euromonitor data).In the era of the Internet and the Internet of Things, Haier transformed from a tr
    Release time:2015-08-11 views:430次
  • 国防军工用阻燃纺织品 中国产业用纺织品协会军需纺织品分会会长陈旭炜军队纺织品的采购、生产已从早年的神秘化逐步发生着改变,随着时代和市场需求的变化,供需双方企业交流的意愿与呼声越来越高,这也为提供性价比更高的军工纺织品提供了平台。就阻燃产品而言,化学阻燃纤维主要包括:芳纶1313、芳纶1414、杂环芳纶、芳砜纶、碳纤维和维纶。其中阻燃纤维作为中间产品主要应用在防护服、抗荷服、代偿服等领域,抗荷服及代
    Release time:2015-03-17 views:488次
  • It has been more than five years for China’s entry into WTO. With the decrease of regulations of tariff barrier and non-tariff barrier, the export market of Chinese textile products has been expanded and the market shares have been increased, which arouse
    Release time:2014-05-12 views:443次
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