What is contact Heat Transmission Test Machine, ISO12127?
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This machine is designed according to ISO12127-2007 and EN702 design and development and manufacturing; The instrument use the heating cylinder to provide a constant temperature in contact with the sample under certain load and a calorimeter to measure the heat transfer properties; the instrument is easy to operate, the data is accurate, safe and reliable, widely used in fire protective clothing related companies and inspection departments;
Model :  FTech-ISO12127

Technical Parameters
1. The device is consists of a control box and stainless steel test gantry;
2. The sample holder is automatic lifting, the lifting speed is 5mm ± 0.2mm / s
3.The K type sheathed thermocouples, diameter 2mm, temperature measurement accuracy of 0.1 ºC;
4. The heating barrel temperature is greater than 500 ºC; the contact surface of the sample diameter 25.2 ± 0.05mm
5. The barrel heating load weight 49N, can be adjusted;
6. Timer scope 99999s; timing accuracy 0.1s;
7. Calorimeter fixed disk diameter 25mm, thickness 5mm; and assembly platinum resistance temperature sensor;
8. Support frame material is nylon 66; diameter 40mm height 50mm;
9. Specimen diameter 80mm;
10. PLC and touch screen for intelligent control system;
11. PID intelligent temperature control, the system automatically collect temperature data;
12. The system automatically calculates test data, automatic storage; can print freely;
13. The test table size: 650mm x 350 mm x 650mm;

14. Power supply 220V 50 / 60Hz, power 800w.

Model FTech-ISO12127
Standard ISO12127-2007,EN702
Warranty 1 year
Manual Supplied
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