Non-Combustibility Test Apparatus,ISO 1182 2020 ( New version )
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This apparatus is designed according to ISO 1182 international standards. Furnace temperature can quickly reach temperature equilibrium into the test program; temperature curve can print free.


ISO 1182 2020

BS 476-4 & 11,

ASTM E 136



1, Intelligent test system with Patent design;

2, Stainless steel burner, beautiful and easy to clean;

3, The heating furnace size: Φ95 mm × Φ75 mm × 150 mm;

4, 3 mm × 0.2 m Ni 80% Cr 20% resistance band;

5, Air cover: Φ75 mm × 500 mm;

6, Thermocouple: insulated nickel-chromium-nickel-aluminum Φ1.5 mm ;

7, Equipment with the power controller;

8, The temperature balanced time at 750℃  is about 35min~40min;

9, thermometers range: 0 ~ 1000 ℃ ± 5%;

10, Equipped with mirror to see the interal of the furnace.

Control System:

1, High degree of automation, test procedure safe and reliable, easy to operate;

2, To use of high-quality strip heater, furnace temperature was raised to 900 ℃;

3, PLC control system + SSR temperature control system extending

the life of furnace:

4, PLC output signal to control the heating voltage is 0-110VAC. Eliminate the influence of voltage fluctuation on temperature.

5, Temperature control: 750℃±2℃Resolution:0.1℃

6, The sample is move up-down into the furnace automatically by motor.

7, Computer controlled with labview based software

8, With an audible alarm and alarm display functions accidents.

9, To equipped with printer, to print the temperature curve.

10, Two furnace thermal couple for furnace control and temperature record, location show in below figure, compliance with ISO 1182-2020,

11, Thermocouple with copper cylinder for furnace temperature calibration.

12. Furnace temperature calibration and wall temperature calibration

13.Standard and new furnace heating mode.

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