Smoke Pollution Control System FTech-ass1
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Model : FTech-ass1
As manufacturers and testing organizations reduce combustion flue gas emission requirements increasingly stringent response, we launched a venturi air pollution control system. It isefficientpollution control system to reduce combustion of harmful emissions to a minimum value.
Corrosive flue gas containing particulate matter H2O, CO2, CO, HCl, NOx, SOx, HCN, etc. produced during combustion, pollution control systems capable of handling and removal of corrosive gases or other substances removed on request.
A. Material: Scrubbers body with PP material, the system no metal components, a high resistance to acid, corrosion resistance; Air volume: 5,000 square meters / h power: 5.5KW
B. Circulating liquid layer: Available water filling, it can also be filled with washing liquid, washing liquid better, in order to prevent corrosion of the bottom emission incoming waste scrubber.
C. Air layer: emissions out of the need to deal with the air layer and the intake port is connected to the production or experimentalprocess,so that the waste into the air layer
D. Filling layer: The column was washed with PP filler material, the surface of the filler layer has windows, easy cleaning pelletswithinthe packed bed. The main function of the filling layer is broken exhaust air layer, making decentralized waste, in order to fully clean the exhaust gas in the water layer.
E. Water layers: water layer using PP120-degree rotating sprinkler head without clogging the nozzle, covering an area of 95%, there is a separate water layer window in order to check the working condition of the sprinkler head
F. Anti-fog layer: can effectively filter impurities in the air, but also can prevent the inner wall of the exhaust gas scrubber mist crystal corrosion.
G. Exhaust pipe: At the top of the scrubber is connected to the exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe is made ofhigh qualityPP material, has a high resistance to acid, corrosion resistance.
H. Activated carbon adsorption box: activated carbon adsorption tank contain a large amount of activated carbon powder that can effectively adsorb residues of harmful substances inexhaustgas, so that the air is up to the national emission standards, emissions into the atmosphere, which is the scrubber final purification process.
I. Test port: at the end of the exhaust pipe has a detection port, in order to detect the air quality in the testing personnel.
J. Circulation pump: circulating pump circulating the liquid through the liquid layer sprinkler heads recycling, water conservation.

Device dimensions: length 1800mm x width 1200 x height 3500mm
Site Requirements: length 2500mm x width 2000 x height 4000mm
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