Flammabillity Test Machine,BSS 7230 ,FAA.FAR.25.853 FTech-BSS 7230
  • Product Introduction
The product is according to aviation standards FAR-25 Appendix F of the first part b (4), b (6), b (7)
Equipment integrated appendix F the first part b4 vertical combustion and b 6 45 ° and 60 ° b7 item combustion demand for housing and design ;And b2 is the request of the sample holder and customized for various experiment using the sample holder and corresponding independent test procedure;
This product with touch screen control system and PLC, can make the experiment more automaticly and easier to extract data; and provide the combustion at the angle of 90°, and 45 °, 60 ° with independent test procedures;

FTech-BSS 7230


CCAR-25 Appendix F of the first part of b 4 and 6,7 items
Reference: GB / T 5455 vertical flame test
FAA.FAR.25.853 American Airlines management organized - transport aircraft - cabin interior of standards

Main feature:
1.The tank is painted and equipped with viewing window;
2. The chamber dimensions: 720mm x 450mm x 800mm;
3. The automatically electronic ignition;
4. Ignition timing can be arbitrarily set around 0 ~ 99.99 seconds, continued burning time and flame time can be automatically recorded and digitally displayed;
5, The flame height can be adjusted;
6. The "push-pull" fixture;
7. The burner is located at the sliding track, easily operated, when pushed to the combustion position, automatic timing.
8. Pin valve can precisely control the gas flow and adjust standard flame height around 38.1mm;
9. According to the test samples, multiple samples holder can be chosen.
10. Brand pressure gauge and pressure regulator can accurately adjust the gas pressure;
11. Bunsen burner tube inner diameter is 9.5mm; the bottom of sample must be higher than the light of 19.1mm
12 .Thermocouple can test the maximum flame temperature about 1000 ºC; flame kerne temperature must be higher than 843 ºC
13.The ignition time can be set freely and the buzzer can remind people when the time is over;
14. PLC microcomputer control system with touch screen can make the experimental process more automaticly and the data can be automatically recorded and stored;
Technical Specifications
1. The ignition timing: 0 to 99.99 seconds set arbitrarily;
2. Afterflame time and antiflaming time recorder: 0 ~ 99.99 seconds, accuracy: ± 0.01 seconds;
3. The flame height measuring device: flame height ruler is about 38.1mm;
4. The gas: methane, propane or butane or liquefied petroleum gas or other flammable gases
5. The power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 50W
6. Weight: about 70kg
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