Fire Propagation Test Machine, BS 476-6 FTech-BS476-6
  • Product Introduction
This machine is developed in accordance to BS 476-6. It is popularly used for Many British and Hong Kong's building materials or construction products.
This method is suitable for indoor wall materials, insulation materials, ceiling materials. For example, glass, steel plate, LED display, etc., in order to measure the flame spread index.
Standard: BS 476 Part 6 A1: 2009 flame spread performance test
Main Features:
1, The frame structurearemade of stainless steel; beautiful and corrosion-resistant;
2, The tester has ignited, electronic ignition, automatic flame safety monitoring device
3, Stainless steel exhaust pipe with removable parts for easy cleaning thermocouple
4, The tubular burner.
5, Sample size 225mm x 225mmx <30mm sample;
6, Calcium silicate fireproof production chamber with stainless steel exhaust pipes;
7, Three sample holder with stainless steel parcel
8, Two radiation devices:
9, K-type thermocouple continuous recording the temperature difference between the pipe and room temperature
10, The power output is automatically controlled according to the test of time.
11, The computer automatically process data, and print test report
Control System:
1, Independent electrical control cabinet;
2, Intelligent testing system and easy to operate;
3,Importedgas flow meter toaccuratecontrol the gas flow;
4. Automaticcalibrationthe radiation and automaticcontroltheamountof radiation experiments;
5, The experimental data is automatically saved and can be print free;
6, Equipped witha brandnotebook computers.

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