Flame Propagation Test Apparatus for a Single Insulated Cable, IEC 60332-1 FTech-IEC60332
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This testermeetthe standards IEC 60332-1-1:2004   in the provisions of technical indicators and requirements. Single cable combustion Tester is used to test the flame retardant property of the cable's insulating layer under abnormal conditions such as overheat and overcurrent.Itcan be used in vertical cable or fiber flame spread test,alsocanbe testthe state of flaming droplets during combustion.
User's Experiences:

1, This tester designed with high intelligence and easy to operate;
2, With professional industrial design, beautiful appearance and reasonable layout;
3, This equipment is precision, security, and stability;
4, Withmicrocomputercontrol system, intelligent testing process,noneed to manually time.
5,Orrosion-resistant stainless steel test cabinet;
IEC 60332-1-1,2,3
EN 50086-1-1994
Main features:
1, The touch screen intelligent control system; Operating interface in English and Chinese;
2, The system automatic ignition, automatic timing, automatic data storage;
3, The test section and control section isconbineddesign in one box for installing and operation;
4, Stainless steel test box,andthe internal cavity size is height 1200mm, width 300mm, depth of 450mm;
6, A pre-mixed burner, andinnerdiameterisФ12 ± 0.5mm, length is 100mm. 1kW mixed type standard burner, which canbe providesaccurate test fire;
7, Flame time and duration of combustion can be adjusted from 0 to 99 minutes 99 seconds. Automatic control testing process;
8, Import needlevavleprecisely adjust the flame height, according to standards, the blue flame height is 50mm ~ 60mm, total height is 170mm ~ 190mm;
9, The gas flow rate is controlled byneedlevalve;
10, Equipped with asteelessflame height caliper;
11, With a gas flow meter and pressure regulator; automatic ignition;
12, The burner angle canbe adjustbetween 45 ° and 0 °;
13, Flame check device for optional.
Model FTech-IEC60332
Size 600(W)×450(D)×1250(H)mm
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 3A
Weight 60kg
Manual Provided

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