Textiles 45 Degrees Damaged Area Experimental Test Machine FTech- ASTMD1230-T
  • Product Introduction
This machine is designed according to the latest edition of the national standard GB/T14645 design and manufacturing; applies to textile fabric in under 45 ° combustion, determination of the damaged area and damage length determination of heat or melt number to provide exposure to the flame length. Combustion evaluation of refractory materials fire-resistant and can be based on compliance with the implementation of standards, measurement ofsampleis installed at a45 degreeangle light and perfectcombustion combustioncharacteristics.45 degreeflammability tests for measuring burning time and passive smoke glow time, graphic placement sample received someradiation,and fixed heat generated in the Chamber.
Model: FTech- ASTMD1230-T

• ASTM D 1230:
• NFPA 702:
• CA TB 117 (2000):
Main Features:
Structure parts:
1, Test box is painted treatment, beautiful, corrosion-resistant;
2, Heat-resistant glass window easy to observe internal test status;
3, Internal tooling materials are made of stainless steel;
4, Power switch and start switch;
5, Tank top and side of the box have six air vents;
6, Do different experiments to replacesampleholder;
7, The sample holder should be replaced when doing different experimental;
8, Japan importedflowcontrol valve, precise control of the flame height;
9, Imported brands gauge and pressure regulator valve;
Damagedarea of the test section:
• Needle valve adjust flame height to 45 ± 2m;
• Complete combustion time: The counter display glow time, resolution 0.1s;
• Glow time:Thecounter display complete combustion time, resolution 0.1s;
• Flame spread time: The set time of sample ignition (flame spread time);
• The counter is set to "0" reset switch;
• Temperature display range and accuracy: 0 ~ 90 ± 1 ºC;
• Imported brands gauge and pressure regulator, gas pressure can be displayed;
• Complete combustion stop switches;
• Planimeter is optional.
Model FTech-ASTMD1230-T
Size 750(W) x 300(D) x 900(H)mm
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A
Weight 30 kg
Instructions Supplied
Flame height scale One
Sample holder One
Other Requirements Vacuum cleaners, propane gas

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