ASTM C411,ISO 8142 Thermal Insulation Materials Maximum Use Temperature Test Machine FTech-ISO 8142
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This test method covers the determination of the performance of commercial sizes of plate forms of thermal insulating materials when exposed to simulated hot-surface application conditions.

Model:FTech-ASTM C411


GB / T17430-2015 "insulation maximum use temperature assessment methods."

ASTM C411"hot surface temperature insulation performance test method"

ASTM C447"insulation maximum use temperature assessment methods."

ISO 8142: 1990 Appendix A "pre-determined maximum use of mineral wool pipe shell temperature of the test method."


1. Heating plate: made of Silicon carbide board, dimension 1030*580*40mm, surrounded by a thermal isolation protective layer, the width of 80mm. Heating surface of the plate, five thermocouple measuring the surface temperature, where the four fixed on the diagonal heating plate heating zone, and the distance from each corner of 150mm, placed fifth thermocouples heating plate center position. The temperature at four places between four thermocouples vary more than ±5 % or ±25°F (±14°C) from the desired temperature..

2. Heat pipe: made of SUS304 stainless steel, length 2m, nominal diameters of 88mm, 108mm, 133mm three specifications. Three heating tubes arranged side by side, it can be individually prefabricated pipe insulation testing. Unheated tube ends should be set less than 75mm long protection segments and auxiliary heater to prevent the specimen ends excess heat loss. Heating pipe every 0.3m to install a thermocouple to measure the surface temperature of the heating pipes. Thermocouple at intervals of 90 ° surround spirally arranged around heating pipes.The temperature at any point of measurement on the test portion not

vary more than ±5 % or ±25°F (±14°C) from the desired temperature.

3. Temperature system: K-type thermocouple; heating plate is arranged in each corner of the diagonal and center distance of 150mm; thermocouple wire diameter of 0.40mm, measuring temperature: 0-1100 ℃. Thermocouple Accuracy ± 0.5%.

4, Each thermocouple measured temperature does not exceed 5% or 15 ℃

5, Laptop for data confirmation (English version) PC with software

6.Maximum use tempereature of the apparatus1000℃

7, Heating rate: 5 ℃ / min (Any value can be set).

8,The laptop show the reality temperature curve;

9.Temperature measurement: once every 2min collection and graphically display;

10, Labview based software for system control and data acquistion.

11, The heating power 10kw

12, Timing error: 1s / h

13, Thermocouple Response time: <0.5s

14,Temperature error: ± 0.5 ℃

15.Laptop is included.

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