ASTM C411,ISO 8142 Thermal Insulation Materials Maximum Use Temperature Test Machine FTech-ISO 8142
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This machine is based on ISO 8142: 1990 is used to evaluate the maximum operating temperature of loose-fill insulation materials, carpets, blankets, blocks, plates, prefabricated pipe insulation and some insulation products;
ASTM C411-82 "hot surface temperature insulation performance test method"
ASTM C447-85 "insulation maximum use temperature assessment methods."
ISO 8142: 1990 Appendix A "pre-determined maximum use of mineral wool pipe shell temperature of the test method."
Model: FTech-ISO 8142

The tester adopts CNC machine processing molding. circularmodellingis beautiful and generous. It can also be rust corrosion. other parts use 45 # steel. The surface plating uses SUS304 stainless steel.
Technical parameters:
1. Heating plate: the heating plate is made of SUS304 stainless steel.thetest area is about 900 * 450mm, which is surrounded by 80mm wide protective layer. At least five thermocouples whichisuedto measure the surface temperature is located at the surface of the heating plate. Four thermocouples are fixed on the diagonal ofheatingplate heating zone, and the distance of each corner is about 150mm. The fifth thermocouple is located at thecentreof the heating plate.
2. Heat pipe: the heating pipe is made of SUS304 stainless steel.thelength is about 2M, the nominal diameters are about 88mm, 108mm, 133mm. Three heating pipes are arranged side by side.
3. Temperature system: K-type thermocouplewire ;thermocouple wire diameter of 0.40mm, measuring temperature: 0-1100 ºC. Thermocouple Accuracy ± 0.5%.
4.The precision of heat difference  abouttemperturethermocouple :5% or 15 ºC
5. Using PLC temperature module to collect the temperature data.
6. The control section: PLC module, real-time displayed temperature curve is controlled bymicrocomputer, the output report.
7. Heating rate: 5 ºC / min or 3 ºC / min can be set.
8. Touch screen control system: real-time displayed temperature curve;
9. 1m flat feet and minimum thickness feeler is about 0.03mm, 0.05mm;
10. A set of test software.
12. Heating power: 6kw
13. Temperature measurement: once every 2min collection and displayed with temperature curve;
14.Responsetime of the thermocouple: <0.5s
15. The precision oftemperture: ± 0.5 ºC
16. The precision of time recorder: 1s/h
18. Flat ruler and feeler gauge: Measuring warpage.
19. Two sample canister.
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