Sleeping Bags Flammability Test Machine, ASTM F1955 FTech-ASTM1955
  • Product Introduction
Standards:ASTM F1955,CPAI 75

Main Features:
1, Stainless steel test cabinet with glass observation window;
2, Stainless steel support frame;
3, U-type sample frame;
4,1 volume of # 50 white mercerized cotton thread,
5, Import UL burner, Tirrill blowtorch,
6, Crater diameter: 0.90 ± 0.03mm,
7, Crater length: 1.60 ± 0.05mm,
8, Torch tube diameter 10mm, length 38mm,
9, Twohammer.
10, The flame height can be adjusted (rotameter adjustment)
11, A large observation window, for easy observation sample combustion state;
12, Advanced industrial appearance and control design, easy to touch the specimen and burner;
13, The importBunsenburner, meet the criterion of ASTM D5025 standards;
14, Rotameter precise control the flame height;
15 Imported brands regulator and pressure gauge;
16, Timing accuracy 0.1s;
Results determine:
TESTECH (T time): Time should bestardwhen burning off the first line, and end when burning to the second line; if
It doesn't burn to second lines, turns off the time.
Test parameters (D damaged distance): Damage length calculated from burning off the first line and finish at the second line.Designprinciple of the instrument is the flame height can be adjusted through the rotor flowmeter, during the test, started the clock when the first line begins to burn, andtimingoff when burning to the second line or flame is go out before burn to the second line.
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