Wire Fire Resistance+ Mechanical Shock +Water Spray Testing Machine, IEC 60331 FTech-IEC 60331C
  • Product Introduction
Hard to catch fire and having the ability to prevent or delay the spread of flame wire and cable can generally refers to IEC60332-3 test; TESTECH wire and cable fire-resistant impact tester in accordance with IEC 60331-12 BS6387 -2013 standard. It is used to test if the circuit will maintain integrity under flame temperature is not lower than 830ºC, and the case of a certain impact vibration. You can test cables A, B, C, D retardant properties.
Model:FTech-IEC 60331C
• IEC 60331 part 12 test wires and cables under fire conditions - at least at 830 ºC shocks combustion circuit integrity -
• IEC 60331 part 31 procedures and requirements for fire with shock - rated voltage up to 0.6 / 1.0 KV cables
• IEC 60331-1
• (Option)BS6387-2013
-The impact is applied for the fire, the flame temperature is not lower than 830˚C, the rated voltage is greater than or equal to 0.6 / 1kV cable, the overall diameter of more than 20 mm
• IEC 60331-2
-The impact is applied for the fire, the flame temperature is not lower than 830˚C, the rated voltage is greater than or equal to 0.6 / 1kV cable, the overall diameter of not more than 20 mm;
Main Features
Control cabinet parameters:
1, With dual flow meters and pressure regulators.
2, Automatic control of the testing process.
3, Intelligent detection function, when a short circuit in the sample during the test, automatic alarm and turn off the heat source.
4, Display: touch screen display temperature curve
5, Timer: 0 to 9 hours 99 minutes 99 seconds
6, Control Box Size: 650 (D) X400 (W) X1200 (H)
7, Load: 0 ~ 600V test voltage is adjustable;
8, Load current range: 0.1 ~ 3A, test current can be adjusted standards, but more than 3A is protected;
9, Load capacity should be able to ensure the test current approaches 3A can still ensure the test to continue testing. Also apply to spray test and hammering test load requirement
Fire test equipment requirements
1, The burner nozzle length 500mm, width 15mm, there are three holes on the nozzle opening troubleshooting, pore radius of 1.32 mm pitch is 3.2 mm. Equipped with Venturi mixer;
2, Installation and testing of the cable ladder fastened to the supporting steel chassis; the testing process can be adjusted on both sides of the vertical component testing ladder depending on cable size requirements (test stand length: 1200mm, height: 60mm, total weight: 18 ± 1kg)
Metal ring inside diameter of about: 150 mm.
3, With a temperature measuring device (diameter less than 2mm K-type thermocouple, from the flame ports 75mm).
The front burner torch from the bottom of the box less than 200MM, 500MM and from the tank wall at least
According to the test grade, the flame temperature is adjustable: 600 ~ 1000 ° (A grade 650 °, B grade 750 °, C, D grade 950 °)
4, The horizontal distance between the center of the burner test cable 40-60MM, the vertical axis from the longitudinal axis of the specimen cable burner 100-120MM
5, Provide standards of five inner diameter of about 150 mm from metal rings, metal ring distance can be freely adjusted to facilitate sample fixed hold.
6, Stainless steel sample tray, load 30kg
Mechanical Shock test device
Hammering test device components:
1, Stainless steel bracket impact structure; box painting processing;
2, Independent motor control box hit;
3, Thump cone is ¢ 25, and length is 600mm.
4, Pounding free fall from angle of 60 ° to thump.
5, The motor drived rod hammer hammer striking as standard required period.
6, Hammering cycle (time):  30 ± 2S / time;
7, Total time test: 0 ~ 99999S
8, The ribbon burner (as sprinkler test) (shared with refractory combustion test bench)
9, A test temperature of 600 ~ 1000 ° (A grade 650 °, B grade 750 °, C, D grade 950 °)
10, Thermocouple diameter is less than ¢ 2mm. (Shared with refractory combustion test bench)
11, Each phase of cable through 0.25A of current test.
Water spray test equipment
1, Use propane or natural gas burner, using integrated long 400mm ribbon burner.
2, Combustion test temperature 650 ± 40 °.
3, With a diameter of not more than ¢ 2 of the thermocouple.
4, Sprinkler water pressure is 250 ~ 350Kpa, to test the water is about 0.25 ~ 0.3L / S.m2.
5, Test test length of about 400mm.

6, Test test cable when powered by an isolation transformer, and is connected to the 3A fuse or circuit breaker, as well as each phase of the cable off lights indication.


Model FTech-IEC 60331C
Size 1,600(W)×850(D)×1,900(H)mm
Console Size 600(W)×750(D)×1,200(H)mm
Power AC 380V 3-phase, 50/60Hz, 30A
Weight 300kg
Instructions Supplied
Exhaust Minimum 15m³/ min
Other Requirements Vacuum cleaners, compressed gas, propane gas

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