Cigarette Ignition Resistance Tester,CAL TB 117 Ftech-CAL TB 117
  • Product Introduction
CA117 test methods consist of several tests used to evaluate the cigarette ignition resistance of upholstery cover fabrics, barrier (interliner) materials, resilient filling materials, and decking materials used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. Each test involves a miniature assembly consisting of the component to be tested along with other specified materials, mounted on a plywood mock-up that resembles a small chair seat and back. The assembly is exposed to a lighted cigarette as an ignition source.
The test area shall be a room with a volume greater than 20 m3 (in order to contain sufficient oxygen for testing) or a smaller area equipped with inlet and extraction systems permitting the necessary flow of air.
All smoldering tests shall be conducted under appropriate test hoods and/or test cabinets equipped with variable speed exhaust fans or other means of controlling the exhaust flow rates, such as dampers. Anemometer
Airflow rates shall be between 0.02 m/s and 0.2 m/s
3.Mini-mock-up tester
The mini-mock-up tester consists of a base with a centrally located guide and a stationary vertical panel, a movable horizontal carriage, and a removable vertical support panel.

The base consists of two wooden panels, each nominally 8 by 8 in. with nominal 0.75-in. thickness, joined together at one edge. The carriage has a 5 by 8-in. (125 by 203-mm) platform to support a horizontal specimen. The platform is 2.5 in. (38 mm) above the floor of the base and has a 1.5-in. (38-mm) lip at the front edge. The carriage is grooved to fit over a guide provided on the floor of the base. The removable vertical support panel consists of a wooden panel nominally 8 by 8 in. and with nominal 0.75-in. thickness, which stands against the vertical wall of the base.

4.4.Decking Materials Tester (DMT) The decking materials tester consists of a plywood base and a plywood retainer ring. The base measures 21 by 13.5 by 0.5 in. (533 by 343 by 13 mm). The retainer ring measures 21 by 13.5 by 0.5 in. with an opening measuring 16 by 8.5 in. (406 by 216mm).

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