Radiant Panel Flame Spread Apparatus, ASTM E162 FTech-ASTM162
  • Product Introduction
ASTM E162 is one most widely used test standard to evaluate the propagation properties  of material in USA. The heat resource use gas radiant panel heating and a gas burner ignited. This method is widely used in flame propagation properties of the test material for rail train material to evaluate flame retardant based on the standard NFPA 130, like evaluation train interior panels, ceilings, sound insulation, windows, lintels, seat side panels and other components performance.
This machine is designed according to ASTM E162 and ASTM D 3675 standards; The device implements test methods to assess combustion properties of the material surface flaming.
During the test, the specimen is exposed to a radiation source and medium-sized burner plate up to 15min, after ignition the sample, record the time of flame front reaches the reference mark. Test, and also record the flue gases released and the smoke production and burning droplets
• ASTM E 162: Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source, flammability standard test surface test methods
• ASTM D 3675: Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source, test the surface of flexible porous material flammability standard test method
Structural features
• Frame structure is made of stainless steel; beautiful and corrosion-resistant;
• The fan with filter and it can supply air to the reflector plate
• Device has igniter, electronic ignition, automatic flame safety monitoring device
• Stainless steel sample holder, set up observation points every 3 inches for observing the flame front progress
• Stainless steel sample holder fixture and burner ignition devices
• The flow meter and gas control valves control gas mixture into the radiation plate
• Stainless steel exhaust pipes with removable parts for easy cleaning thermocouples, exhaust pipe is fixed with 8 thermocouple according to standard
• Calibration burner has the 1.8mm hole at 16 different angles and be along the center line
• DAQ system can achieve automatic control and measurement
• Gas safety control and circuit breaking means
Control System:
1, Independent electrical control cabinet;
2, Intelligent testing system and easy to operate;
3, Imported gas flow meter to accurate control the gas flow;
4, Experimental data is automatically saved and can be print free;
5, Equpped with famous brand laptops;

Model FTech-ASTM162
Size 1,850(W)×700(D)×1,260(H)mm
Console size 600(W)×750(D)×1600(H)mm
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 15A
Weight 150kg
Manual and certification Provided
Exhaust Minimum15m2/min
Other Requirements Propane,Computer
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